Light Switch Replacement

Cristy Gies

Cristy Gies

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Over time your light switches can yellow and show their age. Replacing the light switches can be a quick update to make your home feel more updated. Why not replace those old simple switches with a new sleek toggle style switch or a dimmer switch to help set the mood.

Light switches can also just wear out over time causing them to loosen up and not snap into place like they should. Another sign of a worn-out switch is a delay in the light fixture coming on. No matter which issues you are experiencing, it is time to replace.

While this may feel like a daunting task, I doesn’t have to be a difficult one. Simply follow basic electrical safety measures, can save you the hassle and expense of hiring an electrician.

Replacing the light switches in your home can come from a want to update or maybe they are just not working correctly anymore. No matter the reason, in this DIYG tutorial we will walk you through step-by-step of how to replace your light switch.

Let’s get rid of those old dingy worn-out light switches and start updating your home now.

Here is What you will need:



You can find these items in any local home improvement store. 

Watch the video below to start replacing your light switch.

Or you can follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1

Step 2

DIYG Tip: If there is excess paint on your light switch, try to remove excess paint with a blade before pulling the switch off the wall to avoid removing paint from your wall

Step 3

DIYG Tip: If you need to snip wires, do it at the end where the wire meets the screw to avoid cutting off too much of the length

Step 4

DIYG Tip: Twist gently to avoid cutting the actual wire

Step 5

Step 6

DIYG Tip: If you have a ground wire (solid copper wire) attach it to the green screw on the light switch

Step 7

Step 8

DIYG Tip: Don’t tighten the screws too tight otherwise your light switch could sit too far behind the faceplate

Step 9

DIYG Tip: Make sure not to tighten the faceplate screws too tight or you could risk cracking the faceplate

Step 10

Then you’re finished, enjoy your new light switch!


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