DIYG Projects

Laminate Flooring Install

In todays flooring market, you’ll find a vast array of options that can suit the choosiest of do-it-yourselfers. However when it comes to affordability, ease

Floating Desk

Make the most out of you space with a floating desk. In this DIYG tutorial we will be building a floating desk. This desk is

Floating Nightstands

With DIY remodel or design projects, it is easy to focus on the common spaces or the areas of our home that we entertain in.

DIYG Peg Board

What better to compliment your new workbenches than with a peg board. This simple addition to your workspace will help to add a level of

Miter Saw Workbench

To complement our workbenches tutorial, we are going to show you how to make a movable miter saw workbench. This cabinet fits in-between the DIYG

Workbench Build

What is one of our best tools when working on a project? Our custom workbench. A workbench will help you keep your tools and supplies

Kitchen Backsplash

Adding a tile back splash in your kitchen is an easy way to protect your wall from water or other kitchen grime. A simple backsplash

Electrical Outlet Replacement

One of the most used things in your home are your outlets. We use them daily and frequently but, we also forget to maintenance them.

Closet Makeover

A messy closet is a dysfunctional closet. Without organization it is easy to lose track of what you do and don’t have. Shoes can become

Pocket Door Install

Pocket doors are a great solution for smaller homes, where you can’t afford to lose space with a traditional door. Pocket doors are most used

DIYG Accent Wall

Accent walls allow you to have fun and with styling your home. You can use bright colors, patterns, or printed wallpaper to make that accent

Ceiling Fan Replacement

Ceiling fans are one of the most common things changed in the home. Why would you replace you ceiling fan? Ceiling fans, like many other

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