wooden phone holder

Our phones are an essential for everyday life. We use them for work, for YouTube tutorials or just to watch entertaining videos. No matter how you use your phone, we can all agree that they are a useful tool. Because our phones are part of our everyday life DIYG created a how-to wooden phone holder […]

Outdoor Flower Box

Now that winter is gone, and the sun is out it is time to start those outdoor projects. It is just as important to spruce up your outdoor living as it is to decorate the inside of your home. Landscaping and adding flowers around your home helps to make your yard look well-manicured and maintained […]

Indoor Planter Box

Looking for a simple way to add some style to your home? Try adding indoor plants. Indoor plants add a splash of color to your home while also making it feel styled. You can have fun with pots and the type of plant you add around your home. You can use them as centerpieces or […]

Mother’s Day Cookbook Stand

Whether you are looking to free up some space on your kitchen counter or looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, DIYG has what you’re looking for. We never seem to have enough counter space, especially while cooking a meal. With all the different ingredients and utensils needed, the one thing that ends up being […]

Cake Stand

There is no better way to present that perfect cake than with the perfect cake stand. In the Victorian era cake stands were used to impress at that afternoon teatime. Elevating the offered desserts make for a striking centerpiece.  Today it is used in the same way. Perfect for birthdays, anniversary celebrations or any get […]

Serving Platter

Having friends over? Throwing a family get together? Maybe you are just creating a delicious Charcuterie board. Show family and friends you are the hostess with the mostess with the perfect serving platter. But first, where did the serving platter get its start? Examples of the serving tray are scattered throughout history. The trays implied […]

Lazy Susan DIY

One of the earliest and greatest household inventions is the Lazy Susan, or at least in our opinion. The lazy susan origin dates to the 1720s and credits Thomas Jefferson or Thomas Edison as possible inventors. While no one is quite sure who was the first to invent the turning serving platter it gained popularity […]

Hanging Mason Jar Planters

With all the flowers blooming in the spring, we find it hard to resist buying all those little flowers and plants at the local gardening stores. Fresh succulents, those bright annuals, and those big, beautiful hanging plants.   The downside is trying to find the perfect pot or planter to display those newly acquired plants […]

How to Repair a Hole in a Textured Wall

We all know accidents happen but there is nothing worse than knocking a hole in the wall. Whether the doorknob swung into the wall or your mis judged the size of that piece of furniture going down the hallway. Don’t sweat it, DIYG is here to help!   In this tutorial we are going to […]

Toilet Seat Replacement

One of the things that every house has is a toilet. And on that toilet is a seat.   Over the decades the variety and styles of the seats have changed and evolved. This includes the variety of colors and materials used. Maybe you even have the cushioned vinyl seat like the one at grandma’s […]