Christmas Tree Shelf

Cristy Gies

Cristy Gies

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Looking for a way to display all those Christmas cards from family and friends? Or, maybe you just need more ways to show off those special holiday decorations. Either way there is no such thing as too much shelf space.

This wall shelf, shaped like an evergreen tree, will bring a whimsical woodland feel to your holiday home. This project is also customizable allowing this Christmas inspired shelf to fit in a rustic or modern home décor.

Complete with three shelves and added hooks this holiday wooden shelf is a fun project to work on and is perfect for displaying all those knick-knacks and Christmas keepsakes.  

Let’s get Started!

Here is What you will need:



You can find these items in any local home improvement store. At the bottom of this article we have provided some links to make locating these items easier.

Watch the video below to get started on your Wooden Christmas Tree Shelf.

Or you can follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1: Cut 1x4 wood boards

Step 2: Sand Boards

Step 3: Stain boards

Step 4: Assemble the sides of the tree

Step 5: Attach side together

DIYG Tip: Make sure that you connect the two sides with the outsides being that sides that the brad nails were secured, and the overlap is in a downward motion.

Step 6: Assemble the bottom section

Step 7: Attach shelves

Step 8: Attach hooks

Step 9: add snow (optional)

DIYG Tip: It’s best to use a fanned brush where the bristles are spread out because that will give a blotchier look that resembles snow than a regular brush would.

Step 10: Apply Polyurethane

Step 11: Attach Sawtooth Hangers

DIYG Tip: Use a level to make sure that your nails are straight on the wall, nobody wants a crocked Christmas tree. It’s best to place the nails in studs for extra support, so use a stud finder to locate studs in the wall.

Step 12: Add Christmas Décor and Enjoy!


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