Electrical Outlet Replacement

Cristy Gies

Cristy Gies

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One of the most used things in your home are your outlets. We use them daily and frequently but, we also forget to maintenance them.

Outlets can become worn overtime making them possible hazards.

When faceplates become cracked or the cord feely falls or pulls out of the outlet, it is time to replace. Electrical sockets can also become warm to the touch or stop working which can be a more serious sign that the socket must be replaced.

I may seem like a problem for an electrician but, using proper safety measures, these standard outlets can be easily updated by you. All you need to do is follow simple electrical safety steps.

So, don’t be intimidated by making these updates, DIYG will show you step-by-step how to tackle this job.

Let’s get started.

Here is What you will need:



It’s smart to grab a couple different options when it comes to pliers

You can find these items in any local home improvement store. At the bottom of this article we have provided some links to make locating these items easier.

Watch the video below to get started on your Electrical outlet replacement.

Or you can follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1: Locate your fuse box

Step 2: Remove old outlet

DIYG Tip: You can also use a drill instead of a screwdriver to speed up this process

Step 3: remove wiring

If you need to snip wires, do it at the end where the wire meets the screw to avoid cutting off too much of the length

Step 4: Wire Prep

Twist gently to avoid cutting the actual wire

Step 5: Attach wires to new receptacle

It does not matter which side the blue wire is attached vs. the white wire

Step 6: Test

After testing, don’t forget to turn the electricity back off

Step 7: Attach receptacle to junction box

Make sure that your outlet receptacle is straight.  Don’t tighten the screws all the way so you can straighten the receptacle if needed.

Step 8: Attach faceplate

Then you’re finished, enjoy your new outlet!


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