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London Richards

London Richards

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Our phones are an essential for everyday life. We use them for work, for YouTube tutorials or just to watch entertaining videos. No matter how you use your phone, we can all agree that they are a useful tool.

Because our phones are part of our everyday life DIYG created a how-to wooden phone holder build for you. This wooden phone holder can be used to prop up your phone in portrait or landscape and allow for viewing at a great angle.

This easy to build wooden cell phone stand is perfect for any desk, entryway or even next to the bedside. And, it even holds the charger cord!

A great gift for any dad this Father’s Day, this wooden phone holder is an easy tool to keep your phone safe and ready for use. And best of all you can personalize your stand to make it the perfect gift.   

Let’s start building.

Here is What you will need:



You can find these items in any local home improvement store. At the bottom of this article we have provided some links to make locating these items easier.

Watch the video below to building your wooden cell phone stand.

Or you can follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1

DIYG Tip: Make sure to bring the saw all the way up away from the wood before releasing

Step 2

Step 3

DIYG Tip: This can take a little finessing, turn the saw at an angle on the corners until you can cut all the way through

Step 4

DIYG Tip: If you can’t get into the grooves with the sandpaper, use a sanding file

Step 5

Make sure to refer to your stain instructions for drying time

Step 5

And that’s it! Prop up your device and start using your phone holder.

Listed below are the supplies we used in this tutorial.


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