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London Richards

London Richards

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Looking for a simple way to add some style to your home? Try adding indoor plants. Indoor plants add a splash of color to your home while also making it feel styled. You can have fun with pots and the type of plant you add around your home. You can use them as centerpieces or anywhere around your home.

One of the easiest ways to display your plants are with a wooden windowsill planter box. Easy to tuck out of the way these planters allow you to add more plants or succulents in a single area. Utilizing a larger planter box also allows you to mix and match the plants you chose.

In this DIYG tutorial we will show you how to make a wooden windowsill planter box. We have chosen succulents to plant in our planter box because they are low maintenance and easy to care for. They are also a great choice for a windowsill due the ample sunlight.  

Let’s get started.

Here is What you will need:



You can find these items in any local home improvement store. At the bottom of this article we have provided some links to make locating these items easier.

Watch the video below to start building your wooden indoor planter box

Or you can follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1

You can have your local hardware store cut your wood boards, or cut them yourself using a compound saw

DIYG Tip: If there are knots at the end of your wood board, cut them off with the compound saw so that your nails can go in smoothly

Step 2

DYG Tip: To save money and avoid purchasing a sanding block, you can wrap a piece of sandpaper around a spare piece of wood

Step 3

Step 4

DIYG Tip: Create your 3 inch marks half an inch from the bottom of your sideboard to make sure that your nails are centered with your baseboard  

Step 5

Step 6

DIYG Tip: You can use any wood stain you’d like, or you can paint your box. (I am using a wood stain in the shade – special walnut)

Step 7

DIYG Tip: You can use a liquid or a spray finish. I am using a fast-drying Polyurethane satin spray

Step 8

Step 9

You are finished, enjoy your new flower box!

Listed below are the supplies we used in this tutorial.


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