Mother’s Day Cookbook Stand

Cristy Gies

Cristy Gies

Founder and Builder - DIYGirlfriend

Whether you are looking to free up some space on your kitchen counter or looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, DIYG has what you’re looking for.

We never seem to have enough counter space, especially while cooking a meal. With all the different ingredients and utensils needed, the one thing that ends up being the most cumbersome is where do we put the recipe while cooking the meal. Now some of you might have those family recipes memorized, however if you’re like me, I need a step-by-step guide to help ensure that the end result is tasty and perfect.

In this tutorial we will walk you through building your own wooden cookbook stand. Building your own will allow you to add your personalized touches and ensure that it fits perfectly into your home.

Here is What you will need:



Note: When building remember to always wear proper personal safety gear.

We recommend wearing safety glasses and gloves while building this project

Now that we have all our supplies and tools, watch the video as we take you step-by-step in completing your wooden DIY cookbook stand.

Watch the video below to start building your cookbook stand.

Or you can follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1 - Cutting wooden pieces

First we will cut our 1” x 12” x 48” piece of wood into the actual sizes needed for this project.

DIYG TIP: a 48” board is usually as short as you can find at a home improvement store. This means you will have enough board material to make ‘two’ stands from it)

Step 2 - sanding the wood pieces

Next, we will lightly sand all surfaces of the boards, especially sand the cut ends good, with the 80-grit sanding block.

DIYG TIP: when possible, always sand wood in the same direction as the wood grain. This causes less burrs and will give a smoother sanded finish)

Step 3 - Staining individual wood pieces

Now we are ready to stain the wood pieces, before we glue them together!

DIYG TIP: Practice staining and wiping a scrap piece of board first, before using the actual pieces of the cookbook stand)

Step 4 - Inspecting the pieces

Now that the stain is dry, visually hold and inspect each piece to your satisfaction.

Step 5 - Painting the hand prints on the cookbook stand

Determine how many kids hand prints you want and where you would like them on the board.

DIYG TIP: Make sure the kids hands are washed clean and have no oil or dirt on them before hand painting)

We recommend practicing the step below first on a scrap piece of wood to determine how much paint to use and how hard to press the hand to the wood.

We also recommend using the marker to write on the back and top of the board the date this was made! So Mom can reference it years later to see how the kid’s hands have grown.

Step 6 - Stenciling

DIYG TIP: Stenciling the pieces individually before assembly, will be easier for you and the kids by working on flat surfaces without the bottom or back support in place.

No need to press the paint roller too hard when rolling. However, you will want to roll a couple of quick coats from different angles to get into all of the spots)

Step 7 - Putting the pieces together

Bottom holder and Stand back

DIYG TIP: Before drilling any holes, using the small bar clamps, carefully put two pieces together exactly positioned as you want them. The two pieces that you will be drilling the holes into. For the angled back support, you will need any extra set of hands, as the clamps won’t work here)

Bottom Cookbook Holder

Angled Back Support

DIYG TIP: Place the angled back support up 1/8” inch from the bottom of the stand back. Once the stand is finished, this will help the stand to not wobble on the kitchen counter

Now cookbook stand is ready!


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