Hanging Mason Jar Planters

With all the flowers blooming in the spring, we find it hard to resist buying all those little flowers and plants at the local gardening stores. Fresh succulents, those bright annuals, and those big, beautiful hanging plants.   The downside is trying to find the perfect pot or planter to display those newly acquired plants […]

How to Repair a Hole in a Textured Wall

We all know accidents happen but there is nothing worse than knocking a hole in the wall. Whether the doorknob swung into the wall or your mis judged the size of that piece of furniture going down the hallway. Don’t sweat it, DIYG is here to help!   In this tutorial we are going to […]

Toilet Seat Replacement

One of the things that every house has is a toilet. And on that toilet is a seat.   Over the decades the variety and styles of the seats have changed and evolved. This includes the variety of colors and materials used. Maybe you even have the cushioned vinyl seat like the one at grandma’s […]

Coffee Mug Rack

If you’re like us, it seems that your coffee mugs multiply…and multiply until you don’t have room in the cabinet for anything else. Let’s get those mugs out of the cabinet and on display!   Show off that #1 mom mug or remind Dad that he is still the best.  Dust off those favorite mugs you […]