YARDMAX 28-Ton 208cc Gas Log Splitter

$1,100.00 $900.00

These high-powered wood splitters can handle heavy-duty applications. Lightweight and easy to maneuver and operate, a YARDMAX gas wood splitter is built to perform in the harshest environments. Ergonomically designed for optimal performance, safety and ease of use, this horizontal and vertical log splitter cuts through wood effortlessly and efficiently, log after log.

  • Powered by Briggs and Stratton engine
  • Patent pending log spinner foot plate easily rotates logs for splitting, reducing stress on the beam
  • Patent pending U-Beam structural design is significantly stronger than typical I-Beam design
  • Patent pending 4-way wedge (included) is designed for quick connection and jam free operation with no need to change log stripper plates
  • Longer table length to accommodate up to 26 in. logs
  • Oversized hydraulic components provide the shortest cycle time in its class
  • Hydraulic oil filter is mounted inside the reservoir, eliminating damage from falling logs and operator entanglement
  • Dual end cylinder support for equal weight distribution and wear reduction
  • Beam handle offers easy transition from a horizontal to a vertical position
  • Log stripper mounted to end of hydraulic cylinder to remove tough log jams
  • Pair of log cradles 2-positions, with option for mountable log table


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