Lot #07 – Yard Tools – $1,973 MSRP

$1,973.00 $300.00

One pallet of Home Depot .com customer returns. Includes mostly yard tools.

  • Scotts electric lawn mower
  • Ryobi lawn mowers
  • Assorted Ryobi yard tools

As with all customer returns, individual product condition will vary.



SourceTypeProductQTYRetail ValueTotal Retail ValueSKU
Home DepotScotts electric lawn mower21 in. 62-Volt Lithi14284281004088995
Home DepotRyobi battery lawn mower13 in. ONE 18-Volt11991991002933150
Home DepotRyobi corded lawn mower13 in. 11 Amp Corded2991981002266057
Home DepotEcho battery string trimmerReconditioned 58-Vol11891891001604984
Home DepotRyobi battery hedge trimmer24 in. 40-Volt Lithi1179.68179.681000130321
Home DepotRyobi sweeper attachmentExpand-It Sweeper At11451451002781673
Home DepotRyobi corded lawn mower16 in. 13 Amp Corded11391391002268454
Home Depot42 in. Deck Spindle for MTD Tractors42 in. Deck Spindle2521041001647424
Home DepotRyobi battery blowerONE 100 MPH 280 CFM190901001578288
Home DepotRyobi battery edgerONE 9 in. 18-Volt L185851001556000
Home DepotPush mower14 in. Manual Walk B183831003350983
Home DepotRyobi battery hedge trimmerONE 22 in. 18-Volt170701001578289
Home DepotLawn & GardenUnidentified lawn & garden51050N/A
Home DepotGrass and weed blade8 in. 8-Tooth Grass114141000240925